‘Better Call Saul’: Aaron Paul shares his dream Jesse Pinkman scenario

Better Call Saul season 1Do you want to see more of Aaron Paul on TV? We certainly cannot imagine that you are alone in this request, since basically everyone wants to see that happening … especially when it comes to the Jesse Pinkman role.

Unfortunately, the story of “Breaking Bad” seems to be over, and there really doesn’t seem to be any value for us in knowing what happens to Jesse after he escapes from the compound at the end of the series finale. After all, why ruin the story with reality? Odds are, it would have been very difficult for him to really be out somewhere able to start over. This is what makes “Better Call Saul” as a series a good bit more appealing, as it really allows more of an actual opportunity for Jesse to start over and do something that is a little bit different if he ever makes a cameo.

We already know that Paul would love for it to happen, and in an interview with Radio Times, he shares just what sort of context he would specifically love to see it:

“It’s a prequel so it’s before Walter White came into everyone’s lives and destroyed them. It would be nice to see Jesse in his lighter days… I would like to play him happier. It would be nice to see him happier.” 

Paul did eventually go on to say while promoting “Need for Speed” that he has his own idealized version of what happened to Jesse, which is ironically quite (“Dexter” series finale spoiler alert!) rather similar to what happened to Dexter Morgan after he faked his own death:

“His fingerprints are all over that lab and so he’s in hiding … I like to think that he’s living as a carpenter somewhere – somewhere in Alaska.”

“Better Call Saul” will premiere on AMC at some point a little later this fall, so hopefully we will have an opportunity to learn more about what happens before then.

Photo: AMC

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