‘Psych’ series finale: First photo, promo from ‘The Break-Up’

Psych -Tonight, we continue with what is going to be a pretty significant trend for us over the past week: Sharing promotional material and getting all nostalgic over the ending of one of our favorite shows of the past decade: “Psych.”

Some of the things that you can look forward to from us over the coming days include a list of our top five episodes of all time, and also some of our favorite guest stars who have stopped up in this show’s fictional version of California. This is a show that really is about joy above all other things, so can you really be too shocked at all that one of the first photos that we have for the series finale is of a giant embrace? This is what we’re going to focus on this time around, along with the “sad Gus” promo below that is both tear-inducing and extremely silly at the same time.

USA is keeping a pretty tight lid on things for this last episode, and we understand why given that you don’t want to spoil this ending. But what is interesting about “Psych” compared to most other shows is that there’s really not some sort of huge mystery that needs to be resolved, or a foe that needs to be taken down. There is just an ending, and probably at least some sort of suggestion of what the future could hold for Shawn Spencer and some of the other characters.

For the record, we’re trying to curb our “Psych movie” hopes and dreams for at least the end of the finale, but that is going to be extremely difficult to do. We still feel like the show didn’t really get a full final season in a way, thanks to the announcement coming during its Olympic hiatus.

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Photo: USA

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