‘How I Met Your Mother’ series finale: Do not expect open-ended conclusion

Get ready -If for whatever reason you are worried that “How I Met Your Mother” is going to spend forever telling this great story, only for it to end suddenly or without answering some of the most important questions, have no fear. Unlike “The Sopranos” (and hopefully unlike “Dexter,” the current winner of Most Disappointing Finale of the Past Decade), you should have a finale here that touches on everything, and gives you a genuine sense of closure rather than something you are left debating.

Speaking to TV Guide on this subject, the show’s longtime director / executive producer Pamela Fryman offered up about as many different assurances as a single person could that you would get closure:

“You’ll see what happens to everyone … We really tried to tie up every loose ending we could think of, answer every question we’ve asked and haven’t answered. It’s just very satisfying.” 

Are there probably still going to be little things here and there that various fans wish were included? Probably, but mostly because this is the way almost any series finale goes these days. Trying to impress everyone in a world where there are so many differing opinions is next to impossible. You can only try to make the vast majority happy, and hope that the detractors are only a tiny group of people who just love to complain.

What do you think: Is getting almost every bit of information from the finale essential to whether or not you are happy with the show’s conclusion? As always, sound off in the comments, and also be sure to click here to watch the first significant teaser for Barney and Robin’s wedding and “The End of the Aisle.” You can also sign up at the link here if you want to get some more updates via our CarterMatt Newsletter.

Photo: CBS

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