‘Pretty Little Liars’ podcast: Breaking down the finale, previewing season 5 with Clarissa

More scoop -Are you still trying to catch your breath from Tuesday night’s “Pretty Little Liars” finale? Then let us be there to help! For our inaugural podcast on the show, CarterMatt Co-Founder Matt Carter and special guest Clarissa Rodrigues break down everything that happened during the season 4 finale. This includes (SPOILER ALERT!) what happened to Ezra, whether or not a guy is inside that “A” costume, some of the surprise guests, and where we think the story could be going from here.

Also, we ask a few important questions regarding season 5, including what the basic set-up will be. If you haven’t heard anything on the new season (which starts in June), this is a great one to take on the road with you and get up to date. (If you want to download any of our podcasts at any time, head over to our iTunes page at CarterMatt.com/itunes.)

Of course, there’s also some fun stuff in here, including whether or not either one of us can stand Noel, who has the better hair between Toby or Caleb, and how the Hastings family seems to have Scrooge McDuck levels of money.

If this is the first time that you’ve caught one of our podcasts, first of all welcome! Also, you can get the others straight from our site here, and that includes the “Ink Master” podcast hosted by Jessa, and our archive of “True Detective” and “King of the Nerds” discussions. We do have something new coming soon with our frequent co-host Jason Prager, and we’ll announce that shortly.

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Photo: ABC Family

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