‘Supernatural’ season 9, episode 16 review: Snooki, and Crowley’s consequences

Snooki -“Blade Runners” is a “Supernatural” episode that certainly delivered in the “awesome title” department, and it also made a real effort to further along one of the most-important stories: The tale of the Men of Letters.

Also, we finally saw that cameo appearance from Snooki, which was about what we predicted. We know that many were dreading it, and for those who were, it was so short that they really did not have to deal with it for very long at all. The former “Jersey Shore” star was ultimately gone in the blink of an eye, and we still think that it was a fun little risk. We don’t mind when you get little surprises like this … but it would’ve been so much better had The CW never teased it.

Moving on, we press on to the bizarre buddy-cop story of Sam, Dean, and Crowley, who all tried their hardest to work together for a change in order to ensure that the first blade was retrieved, and also that Dean could understand more what the Mark of Cain means. He was just starting to, as well, but then he made a critical error … actually thinking that Crowley was on his side forever.

“Blade Runners” somehow caught us by surprise with Crowley retrieving the first blade again and making a very calculated threat in the process: If they want what they so desperately need, then they need to do a much better job in finding Abaddon. Given all the talk about her this week, it was a rather big surprise that she didn’t appear.

By and large, this episode was enjoyable … but we still feel almost like the past two episodes have been a little flat. Sometimes, there is too much mythology for its own good, and it takes away some of the fun and advetnure of the show. This is what we were starting to feel about this one. Grade: B-.

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Photo: The CW

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