‘Ink Master’ season 4, episode 4 preview: A very revealing tattoo

Ink Master -Have you been enjoying the more hardcore/edgy theme on “Ink Master” this season? We hope so, because this week is going to be more of the same: Putting the artists in very uncomfortable situations to try and rattle them (because tattooing on national TV and getting yelled at by Oliver Peck isn’t rattling enough!)

On this week’s all new episode, the artists are going to have to really concentrate on what they are doing to advert their eyes from wandering all over the canvases since this week they are tattooing people who have no clothes on… absolutely nothing. As distracting as this is for many of the artists (and trust us, it’s a little distracting as a viewer as well) we understand that part of the reasoning behind this is actually valid and not just for shock value (even though of course that is part of the fun).

The name of the game this week is “placement” as the artists have to focus not only on inking a great piece, but also on where it is placed on the body and since the canvases are completely disrobed this helps the artists really figure out where the artwork will look the best. While many of the artists may have a difficultly with the idea of their canvas not being covered up, we were surprised to see how many of the tattoos came out looking great (you can see a video preview for the flash challenge at the link here).

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Photo: Spike TV

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