‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 9, episode 21 review: Gary Blauman … and Jennifer Morrison?

Get ready -With “How I Met Your Mother” nearing the end of its lengthy journey, things are starting to get a little emotional … but that also does not mean that we are being deprived of any silliness at all.

“Gary Blauman” had plenty of that, since most of the story revolved around how most of the cast knew Taran Killam’s character, and debated as to whether or not they actually liked Barney’s co-worker from Goliath National Bank. It was a funny series of anecdotes, at least until we found out that he was the man who James cheated on who ended up destroying his family. The one question we found ourselves coming back to time and time again here was pretty simple: Why in the world were we getting this story now? With the wedding so close, it was somewhat strange for a minor character to be so important.

But, this is “How I Met Your other,” and you knew that there was probably a more significant point here behind this than the writers were letting on at first. Ted was telling the story of Blauman while on one of his first dates with the Mother, and it was one of the first ways in which they made a connection.

The surprise came here as Ted gave us updates on so many of the show’s popular recurring characters, including Patrice, Jeannette, Ranjit, Blitz, and so many more. The biggest surprise at all? That somehow, they even got Jennifer Morrison to appear once again as Zoey, despite her “Once Upon a Time” gig keeping her busy. Not every character was featured here, but it was still a very nice montage. (Our favorite part? James telling his kids how he met his husband in a matter of two seconds.)

This episode was, in the end, very charming. Plus, the ending got us all sentimental, and we are more excited than ever about the final two weeks of the show … even if there were few answered questions in here. Grade: A-.

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