‘Game of Thrones’ season 4 spoilers: The new Daario speaks!

Game of Thrones -Game of Thrones” does so many things right, it is hard to question from time to time things that are a little bit off-kilter. However, that is what some fans have done when it comes to the Daario character.

During production for the fourth season, the role of the character (presented, at least for the show, like a love interest to Danaerys) was recast, and with a man in Michael Huisman who does not necessarily look that much like Ed Skrein, who previously played the role. Were there ever any concerns that viewers would be confused? Speaking in a new interview with Zap2It, Huisman said that the show doesn’t really take any leaps to try to convince viewers that his Daario is still the same character we saw last time; he also says that there were no discussions to make the character look a little bit more like he does in the books:

“No, there were never any discussions of that sort. I think, obviously, the show follows the books, but it’s not the books. It’s the show. So no, it was very clear that there was no way, I think. Daario in the books even has a blue beard — no. That character’s translated to the TV show. And I don’t think they ever considered a blue beard, just because he can be described in the book and you can have the image of the character and that’s one thing, but then when you see on a TV show this brutal guy [laughs], this tough guy with a blue beard, it might not work. You know what I mean?”

This Daario is a character who could stick around for quite a while moving forward. How much so? Think along the lines of this: Huisman is going to be promoted to series regular if and when the show is picked up for a fifth season. Therefore, there is no reason to worry about the role getting recast again. Granted, we still have to wonder whether or not the show is going to need to take a break eventually to accommodate the release schedule for George R.R. Martin’s next book. The writers are already discussing it.

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Photo: HBO

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