‘The Bachelor’: Is Juan Pablo Galavis’ final blog surprisingly tame?

Juan Pablo -There were many negative headlines that were created from Juan Pablo Galavis as “The Bachelor,” but one thing that we will give him at least some credit for is not being afraid to stand up to production and doing his own thing. That’s what made the “After the Final Rose” special such a trainwreck, and while it was pretty terrible television, at least it was different.

Also, it is thanks to him that we now have confirmation that the weekly People Magazine blogs are large producer / ABC creations. Juan Pablo does actually write his thoughts, but then they are cycled through producers and ABC before the publication ever puts them up on the website. This led to a very unhappy Juan Pablo earlier this week, since his final blog was not being posted. We were assuming that it was because it contained all sorts of messy / awesome takedowns of ABC, but now that we’ve actually read it, it’s really rather tame.

We’ll at least post a small excerpt of it here, mostly because we find it fascinating that Juan Pablo almost indirectly addresses why he shouldn’t have been cast for this show in the first place:

“When I was announced as The Bachelor, Chris Harrison said, ‘In the history of this show, no guy has made a greater impact with less screen time.’ Have you thought about why people apparently liked me at the time? Why I didn’t have that much screen time? Well, so you guys understand a little bit more, it is because of my honesty and that I don’t like drama at all – something that viewers appreciated from the little they saw of me on The Bachelorette

“I believe my direct approach and honesty unfortunately ended up hurting some of the women and that was never my intention. I have always cared deeply about the women and have stayed true to myself and wanted to be respectful of them and not waste their time. I believe I have a different style than others who have been on this show.”

Whether or not you actually believe Juan Pablo is entirely up to you, but he is sticking to his belief system that he was “honest,” and some people are going to choose to hate him for that. Now that this blog controversy is seemingly out of the way, we are really just looking forward now to being able to move on from all this drama to some other great TV news … and hopefully a good season of “The Bachelorette.”

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Photo: ABC

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