‘The Mentalist’ season 6, episode 14 video: Can Simon Baker’s Jane figure out CBI crisis?

Red John -On Sunday night’s new episode of “The Mentalist,” the old gang is getting back together! Who are we talking about specifically here? Think along the lines of Rigsby, Van Pelt, and everyone else who is currently working with the FBI.

As for the reason for this impromptu reunion on “Grey Water,” it is sadly not so the characters can all get together and reminisce cheerfully on old times. Instead, the FBI has hired Rigsby and Van Pelt (now private contractors) to ensure that whoever is targeting former members of the CBI will be stopped. These two do know the case better than anyone thanks to what they have been working on as of late, and in theory, they should be able to stop it.

Of course, the real buzz words there are “in theory,” given that we know already that things when it comes to this show do not always end up going according to plan. Instead, we’ve seen a few times over just how chaotic they can become when Simon Baker’s Jane gets involved. He may typically get the job done, but very rarely does it happen without any sort of scrambling or hard times beforehand.

The last thing that we’ll say about this for now? Whatever happens here will carry over into the next new episode, entitled “White As the Driven Snow.” There is no resolution coming yet.

What do you think is going to happen during “Grey Water,” and to use an obvious pun, do you think that the bureau will be treading water through much of this? Share in the comments below! We also have two other important resources for you to check out, if you are so inclined:

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