‘The Mentalist’ season 6: What can be done to save the show?

The latest -The past few days have been rocky for fans of “The Mentalist.” While there are still a good chunk of episodes this season to enjoy, there is also the sad news that most fans are staring in the face of: The idea of no season 7. The show was not one of the many programs renewed by CBS earlier this week (you can see that full list here), and the implications there about the show’s future are severe.

Just to throw a little more coal onto the fire (mostly for the sake of harsh reality), remember here that CBS is going to be airing NFL football on Thursday nights this fall. Therefore, they have a smaller window of hours to work with than they did this past season. It would not be a shocker if they just lack the time to include this show.

The ratings are on the weaker side of things, and while it does routinely draw better figures than “The Good Wife,” it doesn’t have the same sort of awards prestige. Some other things to consider? That CBS has a history of canceling long-running shows without a proper ending (“CSI: Miami,” “Without a Trace”), and also may feel like fans of “The Mentalist” have already gotten some sort of resolution in the end of the Red John case … even if we know that there is so much more that we want to see.

We’re not meaning to dump an entire truckload of negativity on you as a fan of the show; we’re just laying out the stakes to let you know the best ways to save the show.

1. Watch live – Don’t DVR it, and don’t watch on the CBS website. Those views count for something, but not to the same extent. These are the numbers that matter the most to advertisers.

2. Be active online in the next month – Remember “Jericho”? CBS was facing a PR disaster if they did not renew the show after that crazy campaign to get it a second season. These campaigns can work, but you have to get started early.

3. Encourage your friends – Especially if these friends are Nielsen families. Then, beg them. It’s a fun show to cherish the last bit of your weekend with. You’re already back at home, and “The Walking Dead” is already over. There’s no real reason for you to miss it.

We have worked to try and rally shows before (“Chuck” many times over), and we’ll continue to promote “The Mentalist” as much as possible in the weeks ahead. Join us! You can click here to see all of the other news at CarterMatt related to the show, or here if you want to sign up for our newsletter and get even more updates from us.

Photo: CBS

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