‘The Walking Dead’ season 4: Lauren Cohan, Norman Reedus, and Terminus in new clip

More news -The deeper and deeper into “The Walking Dead” season 4 we get, the more and more that we start to believe that most of this season is a setup for a new season set entirely in Terminus. As badly as we would love to see this little refuge show up in the weeks ahead, we are not really getting a whole lot of evidence that this is happening.

Instead, the latest teaser released by AMC continues to show the likes of Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Daryl (Norman Reedus), and and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) all continue to circle around the town. Not every character has begun a journey there just yet, but the way that the story has laid out so far makes it very clear that this is the end point for so many of them. After all, it’s too hard to ask all of these characters to be on the road forever. The past few episodes have been refreshing as a change of pace, but there is only so long that you can watch a group doing only one thing.

Will there be death on the road to this place? Given the show that you are talking about here, you have to think it likely. You also have to wonder when and if certain groups are going to reunite somewhere along the road. For example, Daryl could certainly use a lifeline from someone in an effort to rescue Beth, and Tyreese could use pretty much anyone given that we don’t have much faith in most of his companions to keep it together.

Given that there are only three episodes left in the season, you have to believe that the shockers will come flying from every direction now, and we cannot wait to see some of the craziness unfold.

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Photo: AMC

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