‘The Bachelor’: Juan Pablo Galavis and the truth about a blog

Juan Pablo -We are of two minds at the moment regarding “The Bachelor” star Juan Pablo Galavis. From one vantage point, we find him and his antics to be somewhat irritating, and against the cookie-cutter sort-of-romantic tone that the show has expressed over the years; however, there are a few occasions where he has made some sense, and also enlightened us about the truth to some long-standing rumors.

One of them? That even though he may have a hand in composing the weekly People Magazine blogs (which you have likely seen for many contestants over the years), he does not just submit them to the publication and they go up as-is. Rather they are all vetted by producers to ensure that everything that is said fits the bill of what they want out there. Could you claim it is interruption of free speech? Sure, but you’d be wrong. You sign up for “The Bachelor” for money, and there are duties that go along with this and confidentiality agreements. You basically sell your soul to ABC, and if you wanted the ability to speak freely, you wouldn’t take the job.

with that all being said, we do still find Juan Pablo’s attempts to blow up the publication’s relationship with the network to be incredibly entertaining. Just take a look at what he wrote on his Twitter account earlier in the week:

“Still waiting for PRODUCTION to allow People Mag to POST it… #1DayLate”

Juan Pablo did get to make some approved comments to the publication not long after the season came to a close, but that was a little bit of a different situation and the remarks were not completely tied to the way that he was treated at the finale or the “After the Final Rose.”

Now, it is several days late, and the blog still isn’t posted … and we don’t quite know if it ever will be. Regardless, we will at least given Juan Pablo some mild applause for trolling production a little bit after the fact. We may not have the best opinion of the guy from what we saw on the TV, but at least some of his actions are pretty entertaining.

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Photo: ABC

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