‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 7: The truth about those Aaron Paul stories

Do we want to see Aaron Paul appear on “Sons of Anarchy”? Of course we do, much in the same way that we want all awesome people to appear on awesome things. This is a show that has landed many a big-name guest star, and the internet is eagerly awaiting finding out more about the “Breaking Bad” alum’s future projects. We know he has “Need for Speed” and other movies coming, but couldn’t a return to TV happen at some point? Sure.

But, there is alas a difference between fan wish-lists and actual facts, which we are sure will disappoint some out there. Here is out the game of internet telephone began.

1. “Sons of Anarchy” Kurt Sutter recently said, as we posted here, the he would love to work with Paul.

2. An Examiner article speculated that Paul could play a brother to Jax, given that he and Charlie Hunnam share some physical similarities. (Paul also looks like Chris Hardwick; does this also mean that he should co-host “Talking Dead” with him?)

3. Somehow, one person’s speculation led to a few outlets / the media suggesting in misleading headlines that this casting was something that was actually going to happen.

The only real thing that you can take from all of this? That Sutter and Paul are at least communicating online. After seeing some of the new stories, Kurt posted the following on his Twitter:

“Why the web is fab: I’m asked, name an actor I’d like to work with. I say @aaronpaul_8. Now apparently he’s Jax’s long lost brother in S7.”

Meanwhile, Paul replied with a pretty funny message of his own:

“Wait a minute…is that not true??? I was getting really excited about making some serious stuff happen. Ps. I love you.”

So there you have it … and we’re now going to go store away Paul in the vault of great actors who we would love to see on “Sons of Anarchy.” Given that there is only one season left, though, we have a hard time imagining that too much time will be focused on any guests in a substantial way. After all, the show has to ensure it tells the story of Jax, Gemma, and the other main characters first and foremost.

Oh, and for the record, there are also crazy rumors out there started by the internet about him appearing on “True Detective” season 2 … which we would also totally love to see, but have just as much truth to them.

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