‘Teen Wolf’ season 3, episode 21 review: Is Dylan O’Brien’s Stiles alive?

Teen Wolf -Somehow, some way, “Teen Wolf” keeps figuring out a way to become even crazier with each passing episode. Tonight’s installment definitely delivered when it comes to most of what you expected. There was drama, there were surprises, and there was also Stiles not dying. We’re sure that everyone really appreciated that.

But, as a consequence of this character not going off into the great beyond, we apparently had to face a rather dire punishment: Having to watch some sort of nasty series of wrappings unwind themselves after he barfed them out of his mouth. The good news that comes at the end of this is that the Nogitsune seems to actually be gone from Dylan O’Brien’s character, crazy as that may be to think right now. Things are looking up for the characters!

Then again, you have to remember that it is only  episode 21. There is still a little bit of season left to go, which therefore means that there are probably still plenty of opportunities for this crazy train to veer off in new directions. Nothing is necessarily defeated just yet, and we find ourselves for whatever reason very worried about Lydia. Since someone is probably going to die before the end of this season still, and Stiles could be a red herring, someone else has to fill that void.

In the end, not a bad episode at all! It continued the tradition of being the best arc that “Teen Wolf” has had to date. Grade: B.

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