‘The Bachelor: After the Final Rose’ review: Chris Harrison vs. Juan Pablo Galavis, Nikki Ferrell

The Bachelor -Just in case you were wondering if there was anything worse than watching Monday night’s “Bachelor” finale, there was: The “After the Final Rose” special. We listened to Chris Harrison try every trick in the book to get information on this season of the show from Juan Pablo Galavis, and was met with a rude, arrogant, entitled guy who refused to play any part of the game.

So where is what Juan Pablo did. He refused to say that he loved Nikki Ferrell on-camera, he didn’t really want to be there, and he didn’t want to even say where he was going to live or what he was going to do with her.

Why was he so upset? Here’s our feeling on it: He said two weeks ago that his plans changed drastically, and our theory on that is that he was probably going to be on “Dancing with the Stars,” and ABC at the last minute decided that they didn’t want him on the show. (We can only imagine why.) If this theory is right, he’s probably annoyed at the network and wanted to take it out on the network by not being anywhere close to the same guy that he was at the start of the show. He really did, to quote Catherine Giudici during this segment of the show, want to bite the hand that felt them. We don’t exactly think that “The Bachelor” is the land of all that is good and holy and that people are always on the show for love, but we do certainly think that more often than not, they are at least open and accepting of what the duties are. We felt for Chris Harrison, and it’s not often that we feel for him.

This whole hour was a complete disaster, and ironically, we would have so much more sympathy for Juan Pablo if he was a guy who went through the experience, and realized after the fact while watching it that he doesn’t like the concept of fame and what has happened to him. Instead, he came across as a guy who was bitter that he didn’t get what he wanted from it, who said homophobic comments that he blamed on “culture,” and rather than actually raising good points about the parts of the “Bachelor” process that are clearly wrong and staged, looked like the biggest villain of all. We’re all relieved that this is now over, and we can move on. Hey look, Andi Dorfman’s the new “Bachelorette”! Let’s talk about her instead! Grade: F-, or something worse. We’d give it a G, if we could.

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Photo: ABC

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