‘Bates Motel’ season 2, episode 2 review: Who was arrested for killing Miss Watson?

Bates MotelWe’ve been crazy excited for “Bates Motel” season 2 to come back so we could see more of Norman Bates crazy life and maybe even find out if he was the person responsible for killing his teacher Miss Watson. Unfortunately the season premiere brought us a little too much of Bradley and not nearly enough Norman or Norma for that matter. We are hoping to see much more of them both tonight.

Gil’s death is affecting everyone: Not only is Bradley in trouble, and Norman’s involvement isn’t going to help him, but when Dylan finds out about Gil he knows Bradley’s involved somehow. Now that Gil is dead, another man named Zane has stepped up to lead the operation, and we learn that there are actually two feuding families both involved in the drug trade and the head of the other family is Miss Watson’s father, Nick Ford.

Romero has his hands full since he is not only looking into Gil’s death, but is also still looking into Miss Watson’s murder and finally after 4 months of searching he finds a lead. A guy named Kyle, one of two men that allegedly slept with her less then 30 hours before she died… he is also suspected of murdering his ex-girlfriend.

Norma wants to find a way to help Norman focus on something else besides Miss Watson (especially since she now knows he was at her house the night she died.) She suggests that she a Norman audition for a local play together and after some convincing he says yes. Just when she thinks that things are getting better, she finds Miss Watson’s pearl necklace in Norman’s room (which is bad news since we know he likes to take trophies from murders). When she confronts him, he tells her that he found them in his pocket the next morning and when she breaks down, she says that she’s scared he tries to comfort her. She is later relieved when Emma stops by to tell them that someone (Kyle) has been arrested for the murder of Miss Watson.

Meanwhile, Bradley tells Norman that she killed the man who killed her father and that she needs his help and his form of help is hiding her in the basement of his house (while everyone else thinks she’s missing). Bradley wants to get out of town and after helping her get money, dye her hair, and buying her a bus ticket she feels ready to leave.

When Norman can’t take Bradley to the bus station, he turns to Dylan for help, telling him everything that happened with Gil. He asks Bradley to write a suicide note that he can leave behind so that no one will ever come looking for her and she does so before boarding the bus (along with a note to Norman expressing her gratitude.)

Two episodes in and we are starting to think that the writers might not know what to do with Norma’s character this season. She was barely in the premiere and in this episode we saw her auditioning for a play (she’s just getting busy work to do), but it looks like next week Norma’s brother will be entering the picture and things will be focused back on the family. Episode Grade: C.

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