ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 3, episode 15 preview: More on Jack’s mother, Emily VanCamp’s next move

Emily -The name Stevie Grayson is one that you are likely going to be hearing quite a bit of over the next few episodes of “Revenge,” and the reasoning why is pretty darn clear to us. (Warning: As you would expect given the subject matter we are introducing, there are spoilers ahead.)

At the end of tonight’s episode “Payback” (which you can read our full review for here), it was unveiled that it was Stevie who was supposedly the mother of Jack Porter, which is something that will surely raise quite a few questions pushing into next week. They cannot ignore that story, even if the official promo courtesy of ABC doesn’t really make any mention of it at all. Instead, this promo focuses more on a variety of other things, whether you are talking about Emily’s plans to eliminate everyone or Victoria hoping that she has a big enough tricks up her sleeve to stop her.

The biggest mystery to us right now has to be the blackouts, mostly because if there is no way for Emily to stop them, you have to submit to the possibility that there are very few ways for this show to go for her the rest of the way. She will only continue to go down a path that leads to more suffering and sadness … and she’s probably lose even more people that she loves after trying to kill Aiden without even really knowing it.

Let’s just hope that if the show really sticks with that whole “Jack is Stevie’s son” story, they manage to find a way to make it a little more realistic and compelling.

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Photo: ABC

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