‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 9, episode 20 video: The Captain returns!

How I Met Your Mother -Who doesn’t love seeing a little Kyle MacLachlan on “How I Met Your Mother” from time to time? The entire character of The Captain is ridiculous, from the name itself to some of the crazy old-money-rich things that he does. Then again, he’s also a character that you have to be grateful for, since without him, Lily would not have been able to get into her desired career field in the first place.

However, there is a question right now that you do have to ask yourself: Is The Captain getting a little too involved in Marshall and Lily’s marriage? Is he trying to steer their ship through some rocky waters? In the sneak peeks below for Monday night’s new episode “Daisy,” you learn almost right away that it was The Captain who Lily was with in some way after having her nuclear argument with Marshall … and for some crazy reason, Jason Segel’s character automatically assumes that this has to mean that there is some sort of cheating going on. So with Barney’s permission, the group go over to his house and prepare for a showdown!

Unfortunately, there are other little issues here and there that need to be dealt with … especially when it comes to the wedding itself. Lily learns about her husband’s whereabouts while trying to get him back at the Farhampton Inn in order to lend a hand in some last-minute problems … which we assume have to do with the rather-shocking arrival of Robin’s mom after she originally said that she was not going to be making it for the event. It’s a shame that these videos don’t really give us much of anything when it comes to Tracey Ullman. We assume that there will be plenty to come in the story, given that you do not book a TV icon of this caliber without using them as much as possible.

What do you think about these videos, and what sort of crazy theory do you have regarding why Lily was picked up by The Captain? Share all of your thoughts with a comment below, and head on over to the link here if you want to see another promo video for this episode. You can also sign up now to get even more updates courtesy of our CarterMatt Newsletter.

Photo: CBS

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