ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 3, episode 14 preview: How this Emily VanCamp peek will shock you

Emily -Even after everything that Emily Thorne has been through on “Revenge,” you have to give her credit for sticking to her guns. Not even blacking out and waking up next to Conrad Grayson is going to keep her from trying to take the next step in getting what she wants.

In the sneak peek below for “Payback,” the show’s return Sunday night, Emily has a blunt conversation with Nolan where she refuses the help of anyone outside her organization (which we like to call it, since it sounds so much cooler) for one simple reason: She doesn’t trust anyone else. When you consider everything that she has been through, we do understand if she has a few trust issues here and there. But still, she’s got an uphill battle if she really thinks that she is going to be able to fight off the Grayson machine by herself in her present state of mind.

Just in case things could not be any worse for her right now, she gets a call from Stevie Grayson (Conrad’s ex), telling her that she is in town in ready to “process her divorce.” This. Cannot. Be. Good. At least you can rely on the fact that Emily VanCamp probably loves getting to play this super-crazy / soapy type of material.

Also, remember that “Revenge” is airing in a new timeslot Sunday night at 10:00 p.m. Eastern time, following the series premiere of “Resurrection.” Hopefully this spot will allow for the chance to take the show into darker territory.

What do you think: Is Emily going to be able to withstand the blackouts, or anything else that is coming in her direction? Share some of your thoughts below, and visit the link here to for some more revenge-worthy updates on the show.

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Photo: ABC

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