‘Survivor: Cagayan’ review: The Brains battle to actually win something

Cagayan -It has been a long, difficult journey for the Brains tribe on “Survivor: Cagayan” … mostly because there has been no other tribe out there who has exercised complete incompetence on the same level that they have. They got rid of their strongest physical player last week, and kept someone around in J’Tia who literally destroyed their entire reserve of rice. Crazy, right?

The only thing that was crazier was seeing them somehow pull off a win here under the most unusual circumstances. Though we have to say, they were benefited by a challenge that was really about teamwork more than anything else. So-called “puzzle master” LJ managed to blow it for the Beauty Tribe alongside Jeremiah, and they had to go back and hang their heads in shame.

Before we get to the events surrounding this group, how badly has Sarah shot herself in the foot by trusting Tony right off the bat? She seemed like a pretty smart cookie the first episode, but tonight, she has her head more in the sand. Lindsey still feels like the weakest person on this tribe, and she really didn’t help herself too much. Meanwhile, Spencer is clearly the odd man out on the Brains.

Oh boy, and then we have the Beauty tribe, and some terrible strategy all around here. Do you really need to be this paranoid about an idol so early in the game? They know that Jeremiah has been a little all over the place, so why trust him to go along with a split vote? Jefra and Alexis took a HUGE risk in thinking that they would be okay with this. They got pretty lucky that Jeremiah was with them, since we were pretty sure with the edit for most of the time that he wasn’t.

In the end, we have to say that this one is somewhat of a bummer. We liked Brice! He was funny, entertaining, and could have gone far in this game. This why he left instead of Morgan, who is pretty much dead in the water given that LJ found the immunity idol after watching her wander around looking for it the past week. It was an intriguing end to the episode, but let’s not sit here and say that it was anywhere near the greatness of last week. Grade: B.

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Photo: CBS

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