ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 3, episode 12 video: Mellie meets with Andrew … again

Take a look -Thursday night’s “Scandal” certainly has an intriguing title in “We Do Not Touch the First Ladies,” and after watching the latest sneak peek of the episode below, it’s pretty easy to feel like ABC has themselves something here worthwhile.

First of all, it is an opportunity to actually see a very different side of Bellamy Young’s Mellie than what we are accustomed to. She is actually nervous int he video, and not just because she doesn’t know what in the world her husband is going to do next. Instead, her nerves seem much more attributed to the fact that she is around someone in Andrew who she actually has a history and genuine feelings foron some level. The question is whether or not she wants to give herself permission to explore them.

In this sneak peek, Mellie is pretty blunt when it comes to the way that she introduces a question to Andrew: Did he take the job as Fitz’s new running mate just to get closer to her? For a split-second, he suggests that he had completely different motives … with the operating word there being “split-second.” He cops to something not long after that.

If any sort of romance does form here, you really can’t blame Mellie. She’s no saint by any means, but just look at what has gone on when it comes to both Fitz and Fitz’s father if you want to get a little bit more insight into just what she has gone through. She deserves a little bit of romance eventually.

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Photo: ABC

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