‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 5, episode 15 video: Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley’s meeting

If there is one word that we would use to describe the new sneak peek below from Thursday night’s new “Vampire Diaries” season 5 episode, it would be “tense.” After all, it features a locked-up Damon Salvatore, both angry and demanding to be in any other place now that he has the information that he does that Katherine is actually alive. He knows that she is the one who broke up with him, and that she is the one who really propelled him on this killing spree that he has been on as of late.

Unfortunately for him, he is now having to rely on someone that he really doesn’t want to have to rely on to make sure that his every wish and demand ends up being met: Stefan. We know that can’t make him feel good. Either way, fans of Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley should love this one, since it contains everything that a vintage “Vampire Diaries” fan would love.

1. Plenty of snarky comments from both characters.

2. Layers of relationships when you think about both Elena and Katherine.

3. Reminders that pop up any time that you hear the word “ripper.”

4. Hair that many men would be jealous to have.

This installments airs on Thursday night, and should be a pretty fun one across the board. Of course, by “fun” we mean sometimes scary, sometimes sad, and throughout surprising. The show has already done a number of things this year that you probably didn’t see coming … with the reveal that Elena is still alive taking the cake above them all.

What do you think about this sneak peek from an entertainment standpoint? Share below.

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