NBC’s ‘The Voice’ review: Meet Audra McLaughlin, Megan Ruger, and Stevie Joe

The Voice -Another day, and another episode of “The Voice” to review! We didn’t necessarily care for most of the episode of the show that aired on NBC Tuesday night, and we didn’t necessarily love this one, either. Were there good singers? Sure, but no one who we could sit here and say is going to be dominating the music charts in the months and years that follow this show.

As we do with every other review when it comes to “The Voice,” what we’re going to do here is very simple: Critique all of the performances by the team that they eventually joined.

Team Blake Shelton

Megan Ruger, “Just Like a Pill” – A solid performance from Megan, who had quite a sad story about her real father. She’s also one of those struggling Nashville artists who is stuck in a sea of performers. Blake is the right choice for her, at least in that he knows that scene very well.

Audra McLaughlin, “Angel From Montgomery” – The final audition of the night, and also the one that got the most attention. We understand the hype for Audra, especially now that she is on Team Blake. With this combination, we have to consider here to be a top ten favorite to win this competition.

Team Shakira

Emily B., “Wicked Game” – There was an interesting story here about her past working with some other artists in the industry, but if we are being honest, there was still something missing here from the performance. She was good, but didn’t stand out and we could forget her very quickly.

Team Usher

Morgan Wallen, “Collide” – This is the sort of story that we end up seeing on “The Voice” almost every season, where we have a guy who was originally off doing something else (in this case, baseball), and he turned to music after going through some tough times there. We do definitely understand the appeal of him with this performance, but he does have a way to go to be considered a threat.

Stevie Joe, “There Goes My Baby” – A good performance by a guy who looks almost nothing like he sings. Seriously. This is the sort of performance that makes you wonder how in the world this even came together. We’re very happy that it did, but it was definitely a surprise. Grade: B-.

Who was your favorite on this episode of “The Voice”? Share your thoughts below, and head over here if you want to read our review of Tuesday night’s new episode.

Photo: NBC

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