‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 9, episode 19 review: Who arrived for Robin’s wedding?

How I Met Your Mother -How I Met Your Mother” kept things going on Monday night with another new episode entitled “Vesuvius,” which was an interesting one for a number of reasons. There was a lot of comedy in here, but there was also some pretty serious moments in here as Future Ted realized that possibly, he is living too much in his stories from the past.

The silliest story of the night was between Ted and Barney, who embarked on a journey to try and find the perfect suit for him to wear on the show. After an extended period of time, they managed to find one that made sense … which also happened to be the same one that he picked up for the first time.

Meanwhile, there were all sorts of fights between Robin and Lily as she struggled to figure out why the bride was not acting more excited or emotional amount the big day. A little bit of comedy ensued, but the funnier part of this was the callback to “The Wedding Bride” with a sequel that featured a fake Marshall named “Narshall.” Also, Lucy Hale turned back up! Her role was a pretty tiny one, but effective nonetheless.

In the end, the episode’s best moments came at the end when we learned that Robin’s mother actually did make it to the wedding in a surprise moment that almost no one saw coming. Also, we learned through Ted’s stories that his mother seemingly passed away before he had a chance to actually get married himself … or at least this is what we think. There are also some theories out there regarding whether or not this was foreshadowing to something else so sad (maybe the Mother is dying?) that we don’t want to think about it just yet. Either way, this was the perfect ending to an episode that could have been filler, and it has us more excited than ever going in the finale. Grade: A-.

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