‘The Walking Dead’ season 4 reaction: Norman Reedus reflects on Daryl, Beth

The latest -During tonight’s episode of “The Walking Dead,” you saw what was a pretty phenomenal performance by Norman Reedus as you started to see the Daryl Dixon character open up and show a very different side of himself than what you have seen previously. We learned a little more of his backstory with Merle, and how he has been to an extent someone who has relied on others for assurance and important. He had that at times with his brother, he had that with Carol, and on tonight’s episode, he had that with Beth.

But is it at all possible that this newfound connection could turn into some sort of love connection? With this show, you can’t necessarily rule it out. This is something that Reedus also suggested could be a possibility in a post-mortem on this episode tonight via The Hollywood Reporter:

“Everyone pairs Beth up with Carl in this weird way and she’s much older than Carl. He’s looking for comics and she’s looking for food. They’re definitely not the same age. I can’t tell you if there’s going to be a romantic thing; we’re not allowed to talk about that stuff. But never say never! She’s a cute girl in the zombie apocalypse and Daryl could do much worse.”

There are some other people who Daryl has been paired up with as well, though, with the primary one being Carol. At some point, maybe we will get a little bit more clarity on that subject … but it doesn’t really feel like the show is in that much of a hurry to do so. There are so many other stories to get to, and Reedus says that it is possible we could see some of the characters all end up meeting by the time season 4 comes to a close.

What do you think: Is it possible for Daryl and Beth to have a romance at some point down the road? Be sure to share your thoughts below, and visit the link here to read our full review of tonight’s installment. Also, sign up now to get even more updates via our CarterMatt Newsletter.

Photo: AMC

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