‘True Blood’ season 7 spoilers: Is Anna Camp’s Sarah Newlin still out there?

What's up ahead? -Is Sarah Newlin on of the biggest loose ends out there on “True Blood”? It certainly feels that way. This is a woman who has managed to somehow continue surviving despite doing some pretty awful things, and the most recent example of this coming via her being let off the hook during the season 6 finale. In a way, it would be smart of her to not bounce back and try to get all involved in the world of vampires again … but Sarah has been shown to be stubborn and surprising resourceful.

So who are we set to meet this time around? While TVLine makes no mention of Sarah’s specific antics moving forward, we are going to see her socialite parents from Texas and also her very quick-tempered sister Amber, who is apparently going to help shine some light on why Sarah feels the need to get involved with successful men and then manipulate the situation into what she wants. While the parents are just going to appear for a brief stint, Amber is someone who is going to get a chance to learn a lot more about over multiple episodes.

Amber joins what is right now a pretty robust cast of characters for season 7, and it has to make you wonder how the show will really tie together everything. After all, we have the infected vampires, Jason and Jessica, seeing if Sookie stays with Alcide, and what is going on when it comes to Eric, Pam, and Tara. Add to this Arlene’s story, Sheriff Andy, whether or not Lafayette gets a happy ending, of course Sam Merlotte, and you have a whole mountain of plotlines to get through in ten episodes.

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Photo: HBO

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