‘Survivor: Cagayan’ preview: Raining, and raining Tony Vlachos secrets

Tony Vlachos -Only two episodes into “Survivor: Cagayan,” it is still far too early to be able to tell one way or another if Tony Vlachos is going to be in the game for a long time. While he does have an immunity idol and the spy shack (since you really can’t forget about that), it also feels in some ways like he could be on the outs on the Brawn tribe. Everyone seems to be gravitating around Cliff Robinson per the show’s edit, and he doesn’t seem down for that.

Personally, we hope that this changes immediately, given that this guy may be one of the most entertaining people on the entire season. (Like we said, he’s got a spy shack!) In the clip below, he finally admits that he is a cop after that lengthy debate about it in the premiere. What’s the point of this? We feel like it’s clearly an attempt to get an ally, and it may also be a realization that it’s hard to keep up a ruse about your job for 39 days when you run out of stuff to talk about quickly. As for whether or not Tony should show anyone his idol, we’re at odds. It could help him build a little bit of trust, but these people could in turn lie to him, and tell him to not play an idol when he should.

Also, maybe Tony just really needs some more friends to get through the rainstorm that is coming his way. Everyone could use it, based on the footage shown in the preview below. The weather was probably not reported to be a big enough factor before the season began, since the Philippines are now in the rainy season. Everyone’s going to suffer as a result. This could be the rainiest “Survivor” since at least the first go-around in Samoa back in season 19, when you had Erik living in a tree at one point. We would not be shocked if someone quit who decided that they didn’t want to be there anymore.

Is rain on “Survivor” a good thing? Yes and no. We dig it when there are one or two good storms that break up the monotony, but if there are too many showers, it makes it almost impossible to play the game and think about your next move. This is what made parts of “Samoa” rough, since you basically had to wait for someone to go do their interview with production to plot against them.

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Photo: CBS

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