‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 10: Sarah Drew on April’s big decision

What's next? -On Thursday night’s spring premiere for “Grey’s Anatomy” season 10, there were some pretty surprising things that happened … but April choosing Jackson was not necessarily one of them. Given that he was the one of the two choices that was a series regular, it only made sense. The surprise came in her decision to spontaneously seal the deal with him, and ensure that they get started on their future right away rather than having to deal with the judgment of others over being in a new relationship and what happened at the wedding.

So what was going through the character’s head through all of that? Speaking to TV Guide after the episode aired, Sarah Drew did her best to break it all down piece by piece:

“Like most decisions that April makes, she is full of confusion and lots of emotion. No matter what decision she was going to make, she was going to hurt somebody. There was no way to avoid that. Dealing with the wreckage of the heart that she just demolished in front of all of his friends and family is going to take a toll on her emotionally. But she knows that this is the right decision because she knows that Jackson is the person for her. It’s bittersweet. They’re so happy and so in love and grateful to have not made a mistake, but, at the same time, they’ve left a ton of wreckage in their wake and there are consequences to that.”

Drew also hinted that at first, the two are going to like the new rule at the hospital that prohibits fraternization, since it will allow them to keep their relationship under wraps for at least a little while. Of course, we do know already, though, that this is not going to be a permanent solution, and eventually, they are probably going to have to come clean.

What do you think is going to be going to coming up for April on “Grey’s Anatomy,” and are you happy that she chose Jackson? Share your thoughts below, and click here if you want to watch a preview for next week.

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Photo: ABC

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