‘Ink Master’ season 4, episode 2 preview: Creepy crawlies rattle Ashley Bennett

“Ink Master” season 4 started out with a bang this week as the artists were all forced to “earn their shops” (everyone except returning artist Kyle Dunbar that is) and we already saw our first casualty of the season. The judges have been pushing this as the most intense, hardcore season of the show and we have to say they are making good on that promise. When we first started watching “Ink Master” back in season 1 we were hooked! It was all about the art and it was a show that made tattooing accessible to everyone, even people that normally wouldn’t like tattoos, but now the show has taken a turn for the edgy and is making the show into something else a little more niche for the hardcore tattoo enthusiasts. With that being said, the show is still completely entertaining.

So if you are one of the fans that’s into the freaky and creepy then next week’s episode is going to be right up your alley! The flash challenge will be testing the artists on dimension (making the tattoo look like it’s sitting above the skin and giving it depth) and they will be tattooing a bug. To make things a little more “Fear Factor” style, the artists will have to shoot their own reference photo with either a tarantula or a scorpion. Not only that but they will have to get up close and personal with their bug in that they will have to actually handle it to take the photo, something that has Ashley Bennett a little rattled to say the least. Will it affect her tattoo?

The one thing we are really excited to see (and we know you are too) is to see Kyle Dunbar tattooing again. Because American voted him back into the competition, he did not have to compete in the “earn your shop” tattoo challenge and we didn’t have a chance to see him tattooing again, but this week he will be back in action and we can’t wait.

Who is your favorite to win the “Ink Master” competition this season? Leave us a comment below with your predictions.

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