‘Game of Thrones’ season 4 teaser: Kit Harrington, other Starks highlighted

Jon Snow -Are you a “Game of Thrones” fan? Then you better be ready for an onslaught of various promotional materials over the next several weeks. With the show coming back on HBO April 6, now is the time to get those campaigns going.

The newest one that we have (first posted by IGN) can be best described as a mixture between really cool, and then also really cheesy. There are some parts of this that are truly sweet, including the tagline at the very end, which serves as a nice little reminder that this is going to be the most action-packed installment of the show yet. As for the rummaging for the forest and the brief glimpses of some of the characters, that is a little more cheesy.

The four that are featured here are the Stark family, which includes Jon Snow (Kit Harrington), Arya (Maisie WIlliams), Sansa (Sophia Turner), and Bran (Isaac Hempstead-Wright). There are seemingly the only four living Starks that have a huge role to play, which is just further evidence that nobody really seems to care at all about Rickon. Heck, his status for the upcoming season is not even confirmed, now that he is off on his own with Osha.

Will another Stark fall this season? You cannot rule out the possibility, especially given that we have lost Ned, Catelyn, and Robb all within the span of three seasons now. That is one Stark a year.

What do you think about this teaser? Share your thoughts below, and head over to the link here to get some more dish on “Game of Thrones” via one of the more surprising additions to the cast.

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Photo: HBO

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