‘The Blacklist’ episode 15 preview: Is Tom going to cheat on Liz Keen?

The latest -At the end of the preview video below for next week’s new episode of “The Blacklist,” James Spader’s character of Raymond Reddington teases that “a war is coming.” What does that mean? Think along the lines of trouble for everyone involved in the story.

What we know right now about the state of things is pretty dire for the Keen family. Liz has been working some terribly long hours, and thanks to that, it has led to her and her husband Tom growing extremely distant. When it comes to what Reddington wants, he is probably over the moon about this given all of his past warnings that this man is very bad news.

But what happens if he collides with someone who is potentially even more dangerous? That is something that you have to think about for next week. After all, you must remember that when it comes to this show and this world, there are very few things that happen without a reason. Therefore, you had to know that the woman who has taken a sudden interest in Tom was somehow involved in this … right. Right. Of course she’s a part of the criminal world somehow!

By the end of this episode, the promo promises that something important will be revealed … and maybe that is what we should really speculate over more so than anything else.

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Photo: NBC

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