ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 6, episode 16 review: Alexis’ move and the secret of ‘Room 147’

Castle -We are two minds in the end when it comes to Monday night’s new “Castle” episode “Room 147.” From one standpoint, this was an episode that we really enjoyed! It was exciting, fast-paced, and had one of the crazier mysteries that the show has ever introduced to us. The best way to explain it is that multiple people were all convinced in their own right that they had committed a murder inside of a hotel, without any explanation or motive why.

Of course, at the middle of this was a big conspiracy regarding a corporation and their methods of getting people to break their addictions. They hired an actor (the victim) in order to play the part of a guy that the patients were metaphorically shooting away. All of this was quite a bit of a stretch (to put it lightly), and the reveal of the killer was even more of one. It just came completely out of left field; even if this killer had an ax to grind when it comes to this strange corporation, why kill the actor instead of going after one of the big guns? We’re still trying to figure that out.

Acting-wise, though Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic were both strong as usual. The latter had some especially strong moments in here as she started to worry about Alexis, who was not telling her dad why she didn’t want to move back home. Was Beckett the reason? Not at all. Instead, it was the fact that she had a very hard time accepting that she was not able to make it on her own like she hoped, and that her father was right. This was a predictable Alexis story for sure, but at least a sweet one. We’ll take that sometimes, mostly because we really want to see the character get some more fun stuff to do.

Eventually, we realized that even though we enjoyed watching this episode, the little flaws bring down what was overall a good hour of television. Grade: B-.

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Photo: ABC

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