‘The Bachelor’ spoilers: Hints on Andi Dorfman, Juan Pablo Galavis’ fantasy suite drama

Andy Dorfman -Just in case you wanted even more details on what is already being called the overnight date from Hell by many “Bachelor” fans, we have some more news for you now prior to the new episode even airing on ABC tonight. What we are speaking about here specifically are a few details of what happened to cause Andi Dorfman to freak out and then leave the fantasy suite in a hurry.

According to a report from the new issue of Us Weekly, there are a number of crazy things that you should be on the watch for. The allegation in the magazine is that Andi and Juan Pablo Galavis sleep together in the suite, and then he proceeds to spend the majority of the night talking about himself, and then (gasp) actually starts to talk about a night that he spent with one of the other women who is still in the competition.

This is where things start to get a little testy, and you would think that out of all the people that Juan Pablo was going to potentially anger, he would know better than to stay away from prosecutor Andi. She’s known for being tough, and you also better believe that she is not going to let him off the hook that easily. Personally, we are hoping that this becomes one of the best arguments in the history of the show; if nothing else, it is going to be a pretty difficult pill for him to swallow. (The only thing that may be more interesting is the “Women Tell All” special coming up next week.)

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Photo: ABC

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