‘The Bachelor’ spoilers: Renee Oteri gushes all over Juan Pablo Galavis on hometown date

Renee -This is a story that we have seen on “The Bachelor” a million times before: A woman makes it pretty far in the competition, but then when the chips are down, struggles to says the words that will actually keep her around until the very end. These words, of course, are “I love you.”

It’s a bizarre sort of love paradox in some ways. The Man expects to hear some variation of the “l word” on the show before the final rose ceremony, but only sporadically. You can’t go completely insane with it or it throws up a red flag. Meanwhile, the guy cannot use it at all until he makes it clear that the person he picks is the one. Maybe this is what causes some ladies to be very hesitant, while others are confident enough to do so.

The hesitation from Renee Oteri in the video sneak below seems to be the symptom of largely one thing: Her status as a single parent. She has to be sure that she has the right guy so that she saves herself and her son Ben heartbreak, but she loves Juan Pablo Galavis on a through-the-roof level. It’s the same way that many people on this show are when forced to spend weeks upon weeks thinking of only this person, and then suddenly have them be taken away. Of course, they are going to continue to be almost anything and everything that is on your mind!

We’re not feeling altogether confident about Renee’s chances unless she finds a way to get the words out. Also, based on the various comments from Chris Harrison about how Juan Pablo may not be fully invested into the process, we have a hard time seeing him ready to make a commitment to both a mother and her son. We don’t think he will be gutsy enough to do that.

Do we still feel like Renee could be a candidate for “The Bachelorette”? It’s possible, and you can find out more by heading over to the link here and seeing our full rankings for that show. Also, sign up now if you want to get some more news and updates from our CarterMatt Newsletter.

Photo: ABC, video via TV Guide

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