‘American Idol XIII’ results: Did CJ Harris, Kristen O’Connor, Jena Irene make top 13?

CJ Harris -American Idol XIII” concluded on Thursday night with what was the sing-off to end all sing-offs. In addition to the singers that were voted in by America, the judges also selected three vocalists out of the five they had perform again to join them in the top 13 as wild cards. We’ve said before that this is one of our favorite nights of the season, but we have to say that we weren’t really that enthused about most of what we saw. Only a couple really brought it to another level, surprisingly.

What we’re going to do here is rank the five performances (which were somewhat strange choices by and large), and then also share who the judges picked to enter the next phase of the competition. One other note: Click here to see the full list of America’s favorites.

5. Bria Anai, “This Is a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” – Bria is an example of a very talented 16-year old who knows she can sing, but has never focused in on how to. It’s like everyone has just told her to be as loud and as over-the-top as possible. Thank goodness for Harry Connick Jr., since past judges would’ve probably just said that this was the greatest thing ever when it wasn’t.

4. Kristen O’Connor, “Unconditionally” – We’re shocked that the judges even picked her, since nobody in America knows who she is, and it feels like her ceiling is mostly Pia Toscano … and she was better, and nobody still voted for her. There’s just not a big ceiling here.

3. Spencer Lloyd, “Ordinary Girl” – It’s another original song, but we were able to find the title for this one online. He’s the problem with this song: It’s just not very good. It’s completely cheesy, and it’s basically just “Little Things” from One Direction all over again. We’ll take CJ over this anyday.

2. CJ Harris, “Bring It On Home to Me” – We absolutely live for the facial expressions on CJ’s face when he sings … and if he doesn’t make it through to the next round, we’ll be really, really sad. It’s unfortunate that this wasn’t the greatest performance that he’s ever done.

1. Jena Irene, original song – Poor CJ. That’s what we thought after hearing this. Granted, she didn’t give the band an opportunity to mess with her at all, which is something that really worked in her favor. It was simple but very well-song. Easily, she’s got great odds to make it to the next phase of the competition.

To us, the selections here would probably be CJ (mostly due to potential), Jena, and then probably Spencer … but we really wish we could go take George Lovett instead. We were right two out of three, since the judges selected Jena, CJ, and then also Kristen. She probably did actually perform better than Spencer, but we think she’s going to have an impossible time surviving the next few weeks of voting. Episode Grade: B+

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