‘The Bachelor’ review: Did Sharleen Joynt, Clare Crawley leave Juan Pablo Galavis?

Juan Pablo -Tonight’s episode of “The Bachelor” was in some ways supremely irritating, whether you are talking about all of the frequent side-eye courtesy of some of the ladies, Juan Pablo Galavis saying “it’s not easy” a trillion times, or ABC destroying our televisions with the sounds of people kissing and sappy elevator music.

The only part of this episode that was somewhat surprising to us was the way that Sharleen Joynt left. Everyone knew that it was coming, but this may be one of the first “Bachelor” exits out there that happened without either party becoming a sobbing mess or acting really angry. They actually handled that whole situation (gasp) like adults.

Speaking of acting like adults, Nikki Ferrell and Clare Crawley’s fight was an exercise in what not to do. We don’t really think either one of them is necessarily horrible, but Nikki is incredibly negative around the women and puts on a different face for the Juan Pablo, while in turn Clare is very possessive and acts out when someone does something that she doesn’t like. They are just never going to get along. (Random note: Doesn’t Clare ever get tired of wearing that one necklace?) The show is probably making this even worse than it actually is.

At this point, it seems pretty clear that Clare, Nikki, and Andi Dorfman (who got the group date rose) are probably the two favorites, and Renee Oteri and Chelsie Webster are just buying their time. Seeing the latter leave was something that we saw coming, and in the words of some of the ladies, this was definitely a “mistake.” She seems like such a nice person! Maybe she can be one of the “Bachelorette” contenders along with Sharleen and Andi (if she doesn’t win). As for Nikki and Clare, forget it. Episode Grade: C+.

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Photo: ABC

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