‘The Walking Dead’ season 4, episode 10: Are Lauren Cohan, Steven Yeun in ‘Inmates’?

Inmates -For whatever reason, AMC chose to run quite the ruse when it comes to “The Walking Dead’s” new episode Sunday night, not really giving away all of the details regarding who was actually going to be a part of the story. While there were a number of characters who surfaced in the promo, it was hard to tell whether or not this was a panoramic look at everyone who was slated to appear, or just a “scenes from all upcoming episodes” situation (which has happened before).

Well, we have a little bit more information now, and we can tell you that both Lauren Cohan (Maggie) and Steven Yeun (Glenn) are actually going to be featured in this episode, in addition to the characters that are featured in the sneak peek video over here.

Maggie -Out of the two, we admit that Glenn is the one that we are still the most terrified for, mostly because he is a guy who is not exactly being put into the best position in the world here. After all, the last time that we saw the guy, he was stuck on a bus stuffed full of sick people and he was just getting over his illness too. That is never the sort of desirable situation that you want to be in if you are hoping to survive the zombie apocalypse.

The only reason that we are particularly worried about Maggie is just because of what we have seen happen to her family as of late. After all, it’s hard to imagine almost anyone being emotionally okay when you remember that you have just seen their father being killed. Not only that, but Beth is out there somewhere, and she doesn’t know just what is happening to her either.

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Photo: AMC

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