‘The Walking Dead’ season 4, episode 10 preview: A (quiet) Norman Reedus and more

The Walking Dead -Sunday night’s “The Walking Dead” episode is entitled “Inmates,” and at the moment, the only thing that is confirmed about it is that you are going to see Daryl and Beth front and center for a part of it.

So are these two characters going to be spending a whole lot of time in here walking arm in arm? It certainly doesn’t look like it. As a matter of fact, the feeling is more than the two will be engaging in a little bit of conflict … in a way. Beth has many questions, and is also desperate to track some of the other people who are out there. Unfortunately for her, Daryl is not altogether interested in doing anything, and instead just sits there and acts quiet.

The actions of Norman Reedus’ character cause Beth to storm off, and in some ways this is reminiscent of the scene we had on this past episode where we saw Carl yell at his father, and blame him for everything that was wrong with the world. While we are certainly not seeing Beth act out on the same exact level, she is vocalizing her frustration.

So why is Daryl silent? There may be a part of it that comes out of frustration and anger that his stability was taken from him, and there also may be a part of it that comes out of him just knowing that at nightfall, there really is nothing else he can do. He’s better off waiting until the sun shines to figure out his next move.

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Photo: AMC

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