‘Opposite Worlds’ rankings: Is Samm, JR, Lauren, or someone else the current favorite?

Opposite Worlds -Now that we are actually many weeks into “Opposite Worlds” as a competition, we finally feel confident enough to do something that we’ve been hoping to do for most of the season now: Rank some of the contestants based on the games that they are playing. This is a hard competition to gauge when it comes to rules, but you can at least still get a sense as to who is thinking smart, who is liked by America, and also who is capable of winning these Duels of Destiny. (We don’t know how exactly eliminations are going to be handled from here on out, but we’re assuming that there is still a duel component to it.)

Everything that we’ve just listed should more or less constitute our criteria, as we try to really dive into this season and figure out who are the serious contenders to walk away from the future / the past feeling good.

9. Jesse – Consider that last popularity poll result to be a fluke. Jesse is generally not very well-liked, and to make matters worse, he’s completely at the mercy of others. As soon as Team Epoch decides that Frank is expendable, they send him into a duel against Jesse. Game over, Jesse.

8. Mercy – The public seems to much prefer Epoch still to Chronos, and there need to be someone in here that Chronos would want to get out of their team if they ever have the power. Mercy has already been identified as that person.

7. Frank – Sooner or later, there has to be an elimination challenge that is not entirely physical, and this is the opportunity to take Frank out. This is what happens when you are this big of a physical threat in games like these.

6.Jeffry – There are bigger fish to fry, but sooner or later someone’s sticking him in a duel just for him whining time and time again how desperate he is to avoid them.

5. JR – On paper, it looks like JR is winning this game; but, if that injury holds up, it could be smart to put him in danger sooner rather than later to ensure that he is taken out. America consistently loves him, and we’re surprised that this has not become more of a strategy for players.

4. Lisette – Name one major event Lisette has contributed to in this game, and good luck. She is just boring, and that should help her pull a Modest Mouse and float on for a while.

3. Lauren – She’s very popular with America … almost too much so. When you have alliances of two, there is always one person in a better position than the other. Lauren is tight with Samm, and her popularity may get her in trouble.

2. Steve – We know that he was just in the duel, but moving forward, is he really going to be the target? The ladies have to think about getting rid of Frank, while the guys on Epoch may want to split up the two ladies if Frank joins up with them.

1. Samm – We’ve tried to run most of the odds through our brain here, and we just cannot see Samm leaving before the final four at all. She’s pretty popular, but not too popular, just like she is strong physically, but not too strong. There is absolutely no reason to get rid of her, and in this game, it feels like floating is a very good strategy.

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