‘Survivor: Cagayan’ castaway spotlight: Will Lindsey Ogle battle her way to the top?

Lindsey -Just like there always seems to be at least on beauty queen and one GLBT castaway on every “Survivor” season (at least on average), we also tend to have at least one person who falls into that “alternative” category. Sometimes, that means loving heavy metal and wearing a signature t-shirt (Billy Garcia), and sometimes, that means having a giant beard (Matt Bischoff) or a ton of tattoos (think Lex from “Survivor: Africa”).

When it comes to this season’s contestant in this category, you have Lindsey Ogle … and she definitely falls into the later category. She has a ton of tattoos, goes by the beat of her own drum, and seems to be very excited to be on the show to prove something to herself. Is she really going to be able to do that, though? That is what we are going to try to figure out in the rest of this castaway spotlight article.

Name – Lindsey Ogle (though she introduces herself in the video as “Lindsey Jones”)

Age – 29

Location – Kokomo, Indiana (and we are sure that she has probably had that song sang to her around a billion times)

Occupation – Hairstylist / bartender on the side. We watched the TVGN special this week, and Lindsey actually said that she’s pretty terrible at it, and only really knows how to make one good drink.

Tribe – Aparri (a.k.a. the Brawn tribe)

What she brings to the game – A ton of physical strength for one, as she claims to be incredibly athletic thanks to her time growing up in sports (in addition to all sorts of fitness regimens). She is someone who is probably not going to be an obvious target early on in the game, at least when you think for a minute or two about people are traditionally targeted for, whether it be being weak in the challenges or trying to strategize too much.She also lays out an interesting strategy in the video below, where she wants to almost be in a yin-and-yang alliance with someone who is much more logic-based and strategic.

Where she may struggle – The biggest concern with Lindsey is that she almost should go ahead and shout “loose cannon” from the heavens. She claims that she is impulsive, which is never a good thing in this game unless you are put on the spot to make a decision and want to appear confident. We worry about her being very different than the rest of the brawn tribe, and we also worry about her potentially just not getting along with many of them. She’ll be great in challenges … but all of them should be.

Past “Survivor” comparison – This one’s a little bit tough, since she really has elements of a number of people. She’s obvious got a look like Lex, the athletic abilities of Alicia from all the way back in Australia, and maybe a little bit of Shambo’s spirit. We don’t really know if there is a pure player that she is modeled after, even if she is in that “alternative” archetype.

Prediction – We just don’t see Lindsey lasting forever, and we see it as a combination of a few things. We feel like while the guys will butt heads eventually, they’ll probably try for a few weeks to bro down and work together. Sarah and Tony are both cops, and they may at first feel like they have a common bond. That leaves Lindsey and Trish, and while Lindsey may be more athletic, we also feel like she’s a little more of a wild card in the game. Good “Survivor” players want to reduce wild cards and know where everyone stands.

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Photo: CBS

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