‘The Amazing Race 24’ team spotlight: Is third time a charm for Flight Time & Big Easy?

Flight Time -When you think about some of the more iconic teams to have been on “The Amazing Race,” you have to include Flight Time & Big Easy somewhere on the list. Even if you don’t like them or question their racing skills, they come across as such nice, likable guys who like to entertain people, and really take in some of the experience of traveling. They’re big characters, and they should counteract some of the other villains that are a part of this season.

But could the third time really be the charm for these two? That is something that we’re going to try to touch on at length in our full spotlight article below. Don’t worry; there are no spoilers ahead.

Names – Herbert “Flight Time” Lang and Nathaniel “Big Easy” Lofton

“Amazing Race” history – Placed fourth in season 15, and then second in season 18

Claim to fame – First of all, statistics! They are tied for the team who has combined taken part in the most legs in “Amazing Race” history going into this. (Kisha & Jen and Dustin & Candice have also done as many legs as them.) They’ll easily break the record even if they go home the first week. Also, these guys are know for being fun-loving characters with big personalities, though they’ve had their stumbles … including a massive roadblock penalty that was a total “scream at your TV” moment.

Strengths – The big one is experience. Not only have these guys run the race many times, but they have also traveled around the world with the Harlem Globetrotters. They know how to handle most of the travel environments, and even if they don’t speak the language, they can typically entertain to get what they want. They’re both very athletic, and are going to run the race without too many fights with each other.

Weaknesses – We wonder first of all how other teams will perceive them. We’re not talking about them being basketball players (mostly because we feel like everyone understands that the Harlem Globetrotters aren’t paying NBA salaries), but more about them being third-time racers. We could see the second-time racers targeting these teams, since they could find that they have an unfair advantage. Also, we don’t feel like Flight Time & Big Easy are really going to be the guys doing a lot of strategy, and that could come back to bite them. They’ve shown a weakness for puzzles and memory games, and they could need an alliance early on to spare themselves some hurdles.

Prediction – These two guys are such a wild card, since they are very good racers; however, their past finishes may also be somewhat misleading, since they are also a team prone to little mistakes like the Afghanimals. We anticipate a middle-of-the-pack finish for them, mostly because we feel like someone is going to U-Turn them to get them out of the race.

What do you think of the Globetrotters coming back again for another go, and how well do you think that they will do? Share your thoughts below, and head over here if you want to read even more “Amazing Race” spotlights from us on this upcoming season. Also make sure you sign up for our CarterMatt newsletter to get some weekly TV updates sent straight to your email.

Photo: CBS

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