‘Opposite Worlds’ review: Did Team Epoch make another crazy decision?

Opposite Worlds -If there is one thing that we’ve learned about “Opposite Worlds” over the season so far, it’s that Team Epoch, while a likable bunch, has also been a group with a questionable strategy. They threw Angela to the wolves (ironic given their Wolf Pack nickname) against Frank, and they also did something that is pretty eyebrow-raising tonight: Not sending in Frank when JR won the role as the Decider.

Was this the right move for them to make strategically? We question it, mostly because Frank would beat anyone that he was up against. Why risk losing a pretty loyal player versus someone who you know is not completely loyal to you? Their logic here obviously was to have a strong player for the Worldly Challenge, but if Frank isn’t on the other team, you really don’t need him that much. Plus, it really doesn’t matter what side of the house that you are on so long as America likes you.

We just feel like in the end, you don’t know what the game is going to throw at you. So to keeping Frank around is quite a risk; but, we understand the thinking if they felt that Frank was going to automatically win, and they didn’t want to deal with him the next few days. Steve was at least game to do the duel against Danielle, and show that he was more than a Quidditch player. (Also, who knew that you can’t mention Harry Potter on Syfy?)

In the end, most of this discussion is a moot player in the end, as Steve really dominated this cowboy-themed rope challenge despite Luke’s claims that it was “anybody’s game” when it really was not. The guy had a huge advantage despite messing up in the early part of the task. The only part of this “duel of destiny” that was really that intense to us? Listening to the yelling of all of the teams the entire time, as if their shouting really mattered that much. Danielle went home, and she had a particularly classy exit in the process.

We feel like this show is going to be very interesting the rest of the way with the introduction of eliminations twice a week, but the only concern that we have is that most of these challenges seem favored to the men, even if it is unintentional. Nonetheless, we enjoyed this one, and are excited to see what comes next.

Also, the popularity results are such that Jeffry is the least favorite again … while Lauren is the favorite. The favorite results seem to be much more random than the least-favorite, for whatever reason. Grade: B+.

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