‘The Amazing Race 24’ team spotlight: Have Caroline & Jennifer improved?

The Amazing Race -Are Caroline & Jennifer really worthy of the All-Star label on “The Amazing Race” this season? We can see that being a subject open for debate. They were not really known for being strong racers the first time around, but on the flip side, they were very memorable. The only real all-female team that we could justify replacing them with is maybe the QVC hosts Brook & Claire, and you’re requiring casual fans to remember a one-time player from back in season 17, whose claim to fame is still a tragic watermelon incident.

So we’re okay with seeing the country singers back again, even if the season is a little nuts in the department of people from the one that aired at this time last year.(Was it really that good?)

Names – Caroline Cutbirth and Jennifer Kuhle

“Amazing Race” history – Finishing fourth on season 22, which was eventually won by Bates & Anthony.

Claim to fame – When it comes to the show, the biggest thing was that they sang a lot, cried even more than they sang, and were the alliance partners of most of the final three. Their biggest weakness throughout was just that they came across insecure, and while they could succeed in tasks, it took them a while to get their motors really going.

Strengths – Never underestimate the power of being the underdog. Nobody is probably going to look at these two as a team that needs to be gotten out of the race sooner rather than later, and that will help them survive the more competitive legs. They’re also friendly enough to make good friends, and we see them getting another alliance, and then sticking with that until it is advantageous to cut ties. They seem a little more willing to do that very thing this time, and claim that they are much more prepared physically.

Weaknesses – They say that they are more prepared for everything this time, but like with every other team, all we have to go on is what we’ve seen … and we’ve seen a ton of crying from these two. They have a history of getting discouraged easily, and while they may be more athletic now, they still are probably in the bottom half of the teams this time in terms of ability to complete tasks quickly.

Prediction – The thing about the country singers is that there is almost no way they will be the first ones out, mostly because they’ll be smart enough to get into a group that can perform pretty well. With that being said, though, we would be shocked to see them get anywhere higher than seventh or sixth place. That’s when the alliances start to splinter, and there are just so many strong teams this time around. They’ll probably make one mistake at the wrong time, and that’ll be enough for them.

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Photo: CBS

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