‘Face Off’ season 6, episode 5 review: Did Tanner go bump in the night?

Face Off -Face Off” has had some very cool challenge ideas in the past, but we really liked the one at the center of this episode. How many times have you seen a horror movie that is all about something lurking in the shadows, only to be extremely disappointed when the character actually is revealed? The focus here was making sure that there were some spooky characters based on silhouettes that actually delivered from a standpoint of being both innovative and scary.

The production of these creatures was of course a mixture of good and bad, and it reminded us of a simple theme: You want to make sure you have a great character, but that needs to be balanced out with time to make sure that every individual element works. If you spend too much time on one part, disaster strikes. This seemed to strike both Cat and Tanner in particular, with the latter turning in a “monster” that he knew was a disaster. It wasn’t finished, and it looked like something that could have been salvaged with at least a few more hours’ time.

Tanner’s struggles in the end basically made him an obvious exit, which is the struggle at times with this show: Everything is so visual, the eliminations are generally fairly obvious. Niko’s win was slightly more surprising, if for no other reason than that there were a few good competitors. But, this was a challenge about trying to actually scare someone, and he did that. His was one of the few that was truly terrifying to us, even if there were some others (see the goblin from Corrine) that we thought was very well-executed. We’ll miss Tanner’s ambition, but there can only be one winner here in the end. Grade: B.

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Photo: Syfy

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