‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 7: Kurt Sutter announces video game on the way

Sons of Anarchy -For all of you who have long dreamed of dipping your toes into the “Sons of Anarchy” universe (which could in turn lead to said toes being chopped off), we’ve got some good news for your today: There will be a video game coming up at some point in the future based on the hit FX series. This is something that creator Kurt Sutter has expressed an interest in at various points in the past, but there was never an official announcement … at least until today.

Sutter announced on Twitter that there will be a first-person action / adventure game coming up based on the series, which will also have “HD graphics”. There are a number of ways that our own speculation-crazy mind wants to read this: Maybe it’s like “The Walking Dead” games, which have become extremely popular thanks to their unique approach to storytelling. Or, maybe it’s like “Skyrim” in that you create your own character, and are then thrown into the Charming universe and forced to fend for yourself and complete missions. (This is what we would want, anyway.)

Anyway, we’ll be hoping for the best out of this one as someone who is a diehard gamer through and through. If nothing else, the recent Batman and “Walking Dead” games have helped to alleviate some of our long-standing fears about licensed games never really turning out that well. A good six or seven years ago, the way it used to be was just that they were rushed, and put out just to capitalize on the success of the property. We just don’t feel like that is going to be the case here. Given that Sutter is a gamer himself, coupled with the amount of work he has put into this idea already (there was an idea that he claimed was “dead” last year), he’s not going to run the risk of something turning out that doesn’t meet the quality of the show.

What’s your reaction to an “SOA” game, and would be your desired platform and experience for it? Share below, and head over here to catch some more news related to the show.

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Photo: FX

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