Stephen Colbert hires Scott Thompson (as Buddy Cole) to raise chaos at Sochi Olympics

Highlights -Stephen Colbert, today we salute you. Not only did you find a brilliant way to take on Russia at the time of the Sochi Olympics, but you also hired a star from “Kids in the Hall” in order to do so.

The person that he decided to book for the gig was none other than Scott Thompson, who played the part of Buddy Cole in his latest “Colbert Reporter” episode Monday night. The entire basis of this bit is pretty simple: Cole talks to key people related to Eastern Europe, and prepares to travel to Russia for the Games. Also, he learns about the do’s and don’ts for almost every tourist out there in a segment that is hilariously titled “From Russia with Love, (But No Gay Stuff).”

In the first episode, the focus was mostly on a discussion that Buddy had with none other than Dan Baer, the U.S. Ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. In case you didn’t know, one of the key focuses of this Buddy character is that he is flamboyantly gay, and watching the dichotomy between him and the openly gay man in Baer was pretty interesting to watch. Apparently, sporting a rainbow shirt in Russia could be a problem for some of the people there.

The Olympics and Russia are under fire primarily for their stance on homosexuality, which has led to many nations creating their own stance and fighting back against these rules. The United States has been one of these countries, and has sent over openly gay athletes to serve as dignitaries.

Obviously, this entire segment was pretty glorious, and we are going to have some more of Cole’s travels to Russia (if he even makes it that far). Hopefully, all of the rest of them will be just as entertaining as this one.

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Photo: Comedy Central

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