‘Doctor Who’ season 8: Matt Smith on Peter Capaldi, numerology, and more

Doctor Who -For the first time since stepping down as The Doctor, Matt Smith has made an appearance at an American convention. What makes this stop at Wizard World New Orleans this week all the more notable is that this is the first major convention in the United States that Smith has done outside of San Diego Comic-Con.

While there were not exactly any spoilers on the future of the show, Smith did at least share a few thoughts on something that has become a big debate among the diehard fans: The numerology of The Doctor. Now that we know about John Hurt as the War Doctor, for example, does that really make Smith #11, or Peter Capaldi #12 anymore? Are things really complicated now? For the sake of it being official, Capaldi is #12, and this is also apparently the way that Smith sees it. Per ComicBook.com, here is what he had to say:

“Well, the thing is, I got really attached to eleven, and I’ll always think, for my money, he’s twelve. Because I like being eleven, because I like the number eleven. Then, there’s a whole lot of Doctor Who science that might suggest otherwise because of John Hurt, the other Doctor. But for me, I think number twelve.”

Ever since leaving the role as The Doctor, Matt has been a busy man. He has done some stage work, and even while filming his exit he took part in a feature film production in Detroit. We have no problem imagining that he is going to get a great opportunity to do a variety of new and exciting things over the next few months and years, and the greatest news is that he is game for a return someday.

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Photo: BBC

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