‘Talking Dead’: Danai Gurira on that moment of Michonne’s reawakening

Talking Dead -While you can easily and understandably make the argument that Sunday night’s new episode of “The Walking Dead” was by and large a showcase of the Carl character, Michonne very clearly also had a variety of big moments where she could also shine. We got a better look into her past than we have before, and saw just how much humanity she once had. That was contrasted brilliantly with so many moments in the present, where we saw a woman who was cold and almost completely disconnected from everything around her.

But, there was a turning point in this episode that Danai Gurira addressed in full during tonight’s episode of “Talking Dead.” In speaking with Chris Hardwick about having to kill a woman who very much looked just like her, the actress explained that seeing that  side of death enabled Michonne to actually realize that despite everything that she was going through, there were still reasons to enjoy life and keep fighting:

“I think when she sees her doppelganger … It is seeing what she could have become and what come have been … There have been some beautiful things in [Post-Apocalyptic] life … There is still so much life in her and it gets ignited again by seeing what death looks like.”

Personally, we think that it is in part this revelation that propels the character into doing what she does at the end of the episode, where she actually hunts down and finds Carl and Rick inside of the house. This enables at least a few of the characters to be back together again, and for Michonne to have another opportunity in this world to open up and share something beyond just a lone wolf. (We’re also sure that all the Rick / Michonne shippers out there will have a field day with it.)

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Photo: AMC

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