‘The Blacklist’ spoilers: Check out the awesome new promo with James Spader

The Blacklist logo any seasonWe don’t throw around the word “awesome” when talking about a promo for a show with no reason at all behind it; this new bit of promotional material for Monday night’s upcoming episode of “The Blacklist” really is that cool.

The promo below is incredibly stylized, and the entire premise behind it is watching a series of “people” (appearing in the form of dominoes) drop one by one while James Spader narrates the entire proceeding. It is certainly a very cool and unique way to push the show, which is returning to NBC on Monday, February 24 with new episodes.

So is there anything in particular that this promo is supposed to represent? If we had to make some sort of educated guess, we would say that it could be talking a little bit about all the chips falling perfectly in Reddington’s plan for start to finish. Also, it symbolizes the process that he is going through in order to make his mission complete.

Strangely, we did also realize while watching this that we did have one more important question when it comes to Reddington and his mission: What happens when he runs out of people that he needs to turn over to the FBI? While we are sure that there are plenty of names on this list, sooner or later it does have to come to an end, right? Once you get to that end, we are very much curious in seeing how he moves forward, and if he finally decides to just be a man and tell Elizabeth Keen who he really is already. The whole proceeding as it is certainly feels more than a little frustrating.

How awesome do you think that this new “Blacklist” promo is? We want to hear some of your thoughts below!

Photo: NBC

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